Thursday, January 15, 2009

Herbal Hearth Imp

Little herbal hearth imp for your consideration.Convo me to inquire what herbs I have on hand to make you a special herbed hearth imp.Each little imp is hand crafted from own strange imagination. These little guys or things are little guardians for your house, computer, desk, where ever you would like for them to be.Made from polymer clay no molds used on bodies, except for the face.Herbs actually embedded into the clay, baked, painted, buffed gently to bring out detials, then glazed to protect from dust and dirt.I love the organic look to these guys the herbs are what is giving the wonderful colors you are seeing, the addition to paint was to bring out the fine tiny details to each one of a kind imp. These imps are neither male nor female they are elementals, sparks of energy and imagination. They hide in small areas not evil but they do like to play tricks by moving and hiding things on you.

Eery imp has been signed and dated and comes with tiny card with folklore information concerning each herb, flower, or fairy tale figure.

Each one measures approximately 2 inches high and 2 1/4 wide on the bottom.Due to them being hand made and no molds they sometimes gets a tiny bit bigger but not much.The one pictured is of one made with cloves.

Clove Imp comes to you for protection and brings you luck in money.

He comes from the fire element.

Imps have come to me to show me life isn't so serious and to lighten up, so in this they have been therapy for me.

Light and love always,


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